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SIAP SIAGA’s Joint Monitoring Mission
SIAP SIAGA’s Joint Monitoring Mission
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SIAP SIAGA’s Joint Monitoring Mission

The SIAP SIAGA program together with the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas), Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri), Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu), provincial and district/city governments, and civil society in conducting a regular Joint Monitoring Missions (JMM), which is an important part of the SIAP SIAGA Program’s accountability and evaluation process.

The JMM provides an opportunity for key stakeholders from both the Government of Australia and the Government of Indonesia (including members of the Steering Committee) to review and evaluate the implementation and progress of the SIAP SIAGA program at the provincial and district levels.

Representing BNPB in this activity included the Deputy for Systems and Strategy, Director of Disaster Risk Mapping and Evaluation, Director of Preparedness, representatives of the Centre for Disaster Data, Information and Communication and representatives of the cooperation law bureau.

The joint team comprising of reps from the Government of Indonesia, Government of Australia as well as SIAP SIAGA program. (Photo: SIAP SIAGA Program)

Activities during JMM Activities

The JMM agenda is based on a four-day itinerary in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), held on 2-5 August 2022. A joint team consisting of — the SIAP SIAGA team, the Australian Government, and the Government of Indonesia — carried out a monitoring mission to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) especially to Kupang Regency, Kupang City and West Manggarai Regency. There are 6 main thematic areas for the mission, namely:

  1. Minimum Service Standards (SPM) for sub-disaster affairs.
  2. Data integration and Pusdalops.
  3. Contingency planning and preparedness.
  4. Gender, Disability and Social Inclusion.
  5. Collaboration through the Disaster Risk Reduction Forum.
  6. Recovery of COVID-19 in Tourism Villages.
Centre for Operational Control (PUSDALOPS) BPBD of the NTT Province (Photos: Tasril Mulyadi/BNPB)
Stakeholders Discussion session regarding the site visit to two Tourism Villages assisted by Swara Parangpuan. Team One: Mata Air Village in Kupang City, Team Two: Buraeng/Fatubraun Village in Kupang Regency (Photos: Tasril Mulyadi/BNPB & SIAP SIAGA Program)




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Notes: Briefing Notes JMM Program Siap Siaga | Documentation and write-up by : Tasril Mulyadi, BNPB | Joint Monitoring Mission Activity Report, 2–5 Agustus summarised within KILAS SEPEKAN BNPB menit ke 3.23–4.50: watch on YouTube