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SIAP SIAGA Program Reference Group launched its inaugural meeting
SIAP SIAGA Program Reference Group launched its inaugural meeting
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SIAP SIAGA Program Reference Group launched its inaugural meeting

The National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) and the Australian Embassy in Jakarta launched the SIAP SIAGA program Reference Group, with its inaugural meeting on Friday 1 October. The group provides a forum for  ministries/agencies and experts working with the program to discuss and share inputs on various disaster management issues.

This group is expected to ensure technical level alignment and collaboration across government partners both at national level and between national and subnational level.

Discussions around the norms, standards, procedures (NSPK), and criteria to support the implementation of disaster management Minimum Service Standards (MSS) was the main topic of this meeting. Resource persons from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bappenas and BNPB presented the basic principles to be considered in the development of the NSPK for disaster management MSS. Participants agreed to follow up this meeting with focused group discussions involving selected speakers and experts to discuss several issues more specifically.

Speakers in the meeting included Mohammad Robi Amri, Interim Director of the BNPB Disaster Management System; Diah Lenggogeni from the Directorate of Spatial Planning and Disaster Management, Ministry of Development Planning/Bappenas; Subhany from the Directorate of Synchronization of Regional Government Affairs III, Ministry of Home Affairs; and Yoga Wiratama from the Directorate of Disaster and Fire Management Management, Ministry of Home Affairs, as well as Sugeng Triutomo from the SIAP SIAGA Program. The meeting was moderated by Mr. Safriza Sofyan, Program Lead 1 SIAP SIAGA. In their opening remarks, DFAT Senior Program Manager for Humanitarian Affairs Gloria Panjaitan and SIAP SIAGA Program Team Leader Lucy Dickinson expressed their hope that this Reference Group can strengthen coordination between Ministries/Agencies in disaster management.