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e-book: Living with a Volcano in Your Backyard
e-book: Living with a Volcano in Your Backyard

e-book: Living with a Volcano in Your Backyard

Indonesia’s National Agency of Disaster Countermeasure (BNPB), with the support of the Australian Government through SIAP SIAGA program compiled a publication about the local cultures and best practices from the communities living nearby seven of the active volcanoes in Indonesia.

“Living with a Volcano in Your Backyard” tells the stories, experiences and best practices of the volcano communities in their effort to live in harmony with threats and risks of natural disasters.

The book was interactively discussed during the #GPDRR2022 at #PanggungResiliensi by a panel that consisted of Pangarso Suryotomo (Director of Alertness, BNPB), Tasril Mulyadi (BNPB), Kanjeng Pangeran Notonegoro (Program Advisor, SIAP SIAGA) and was moderated by Nia Firtica (SIAP SIAGA).

Through this book, the stakeholders and especially disaster management actors can learn from the studies and results from the disaster mitigation measures done in each area. The learning shared by the seven volcano communities clearly shows how alertness and public resilience through an economical approach is one of the keys to a sustainable, locally-focused disaster risk management, and shows the importance of building local resilience.

This book hopes to inspire the public in increasing resilience to reduce the potential disaster impacts in the future. 

This book is a tangible achievement for the Indonesian Government in promoting and facilitating initiatives in people-led disaster management and it was launched on Disaster Awareness Day (HKB) on 22 April 2022.

This book is available in two languages (Bahasa Indonesia and English). The e-book can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

(Translated from an article written by Tasril Mulyadi)